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Welcome to www.ISCI.ca, a site dedicated to finding areas in the U.S. that generally are show depressed real estate markets but with a strong 1 to 3 year recovery projections.  Throughout the U.S., many people look for foreclosures and bankruptcy sales to find bargains on real estate. Can you find cheap Hawaii houses for sale in bankruptcy sales? Hawaii Real Estate and Bankruptcy While Hawaii real estate prices have started to recover from their massive decline during the Great Recession, only Oahu has seen property values rise above their pre-recession highs. The percentage of home mortgages that are underwater is higher than it is on the mainland, though there are fewer distressed real estate sales and bankruptcies today than five years ago.

However, many Hawaiian real estate owners are having to go through bankruptcy. Those who own Hawaii real estate while going through bankruptcy face a number of complexities those on the mainland do not. Differences in the Hawaiian real estate market and state law mean that you may find homes for sale as part of a bankruptcy but not the deals you would expect on the mainland. We are focusing on the Island of Hawaii and will see if we can find some real gems!